It has been awhile, I won’t lie. In terms of a personal update I am now settled just outside Toronto, for the time being, and have started a new job. The new job is going good, my family is happy and healthy and…we have another baby on the way!

I haven’t forgot about this blog, however I have been a bit overburdened getting settled in, starting the new job, etc. My plan is to reboot this blog starting with redoing the Elixir Auth Series and I will also be creating YouTube videos to accompany these posts. I have thought about redoing my website, however I like the way it looks and will probably only make a few small changes to the blog list pages for example.

I’ll also be trying to stick to a schedule for posts and perhaps videos, though I am unsure whether that will be weekly/bi-weekly posts and bi-weekly/monthly YouTube videos. The company I am currently at is young, and there is quite a bit of work so I have to be certain as to the workload I can take on - especially as I am a novice (at best) in video editing.